The Blue Velo route in Western Pomerania
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Blue Velo and the Western Pomeranian Lakelands Route: cycling in Western Pomerania

Western Pomerania is another Polish region investing in cycling tourism. On disused railway lines, the first segments of the over 1100-kilometer "Cycling Through Western Pomerania" network are being constructed, which will comprise four long-distance routes traversing all parts of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Certainly, the Velo Baltica along the Baltic coast will be immensely popular. The next two - the Old Railway Trail and Blue Velo - will connect the sea with the lakelands in the south, where the fourth and longest, the Western Pomeranian Lakelands Route, will be created. On the last sunny weekend of the year, I explored the first completed sections of the last two - Blue Velo and the Western Pomeranian Lakelands Route, marveling at the new routes and discovering places previously unknown to me.

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