Loire Valley cycling route in France
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Our experience of cycling the Loire à vélo - the famed bike route in the Loire Valley in France - was quite different from what we had imagined. We were expecting miles of smooth, asphalt bike paths, but instead, we found ourselves on gravel tracks along the Loire. We anticipated enchanting landscapes, but what we encountered were more traditional riverside sceneries, which, this time to our expectations, were adorned with magnificent castles and palaces. And it was their number, beauty and… [» read more]

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Burgundy by bike
Cycling tourism in Brandenburg
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Cycling through the mountains

One of the top-ranked beauties and popular cycle routes in Europe is the Alpe-Adria bike route. Austrians call it the Alpe-Adria… [»]

Rhein Bicycle Route in Switzerland

Seven days - that's all the time we needed to cycle the route along the Rhine in Switzerland - the most stunning bike path in… [»]

Bicycle Lakes Route in Switzerland

"Switzerland from a postcard" - this is how the official website describing Swiss cycling routes depicts the Lakes Route and its… [»]

Cycling bridge in Val Rendena

Nearly five hundred kilometers on a bike, four alpine passes, including two off-road, hundreds of ciaos and salves exchanged with… [»]

EuroVelo cycling routes

Baltic Sea Coast cycling route
Baltic Sea Coast Route. Cycling EuroVelo 10 in Germany

When the inauguration of the Polish section of the EuroVelo 10 Baltic Sea Coastal Route began in Gdańsk, we saw it as a fantastic… [»]

Drava Cycling Route in Austria
Drava Cycling Route in Carinthia: Austria for a cycling holiday

The Drauradweg cycling route is one of only four routes in Europe to receive the highest rating - five quality stars - from the… [»]

Cycling through the Burgundy vineyards
France by bike: cycling through the vineyards of Burgundy

Last year's journey along the Loire River bike route left us with fond memories of cycling tourism in France. So, we decided to… [»]

Beware of bears in the Beskid Sądecki mountains
Poprad Valley cycling route: EuroVelo 11 in Lesser Poland

Cycling in Lesser Poland continues to pick up pace. This year, the Poprad Valley joined the Velo Małopolska network of cycling… [»]

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Drauradweg near the city of Völkermarkt
Cycling Thread > France > Centre-Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire

Bicycle tourism in Europe ranks among the most popular ways to spend leisure time. In most European countries, long-distance cycling routes are situated on comfortable and safe bike paths, well away from motor vehicle traffic. In other areas, cycling tourists make use of public roads with limited access and various other surfaces suitably prepared for biking. Discover our best cycling trips across Europe - these are ready-made suggestions for spending cycling holidays or a few days off on… [» read more]

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Cycling tourism in Brandenburg
Burgundy by bike

Cycling by the sea

View of Gudhjem

A journey of over 100 kilometers to Bornholm transports the Polish cycling tourist into a different culture. On this Danish… [»]

Spectacular tunnel over the Hardangerfjord

Our cycling expedition to Norway began in May with the purchase of "just in case" flight tickets to Bergen. Then, we… [»]

Black moonlit landscape on route F225 in Iceland

Our bicycle expedition to Iceland surprised us as much as Wizz Air's announcement of a new route from Gdansk to Keflavik took… [»]

Cycling on Latvian EuroVelo routes

The Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia - are often associated by the older Polish generation with an uninspiring… [»]

Rail-to-trail cycling routes

Schlitz: the city of five castles in Germany
Hessen Railway Cycle Route: the German land of extinct volcanoes

Unused railway lines are eagerly repurposed by many regions in Europe for new cycling routes. Germany leads in transforming… [»]

Cycling in South Tyrol, Italy
South Tyrol - northern Italy for a cycling holiday

South Tyrol in northern Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. It entices with classic Alpine views,… [»]

Mists over the Liptov Basin
The Tatra Mountains Cycling Route: nature, history and culture

The cycling route around the Tatra Mountains holds a significant place in the hierarchy of achievements for most Polish cyclist-… [»]

The Stawno Complex in the Milicz Ponds Nature Reserve
Lower Silesian Cycling Land and the Barycz Valley: exploring Lower Silesia by bike

We should have dozens of places like the Lower Silesian Cycling Land in Poland. The cycling project in the Barycz Valley on Lower… [»]